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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/03/07
Montemarte label

Our first tasting of the latest LdF shipment was a resounding success. Each of the three absinthes we tried exhibited remarkable character, as well as showing off what a wide range of taste sensations absinthe can bring you. From verte to blanche, these absinthes were winners!

First up was the Montmartre. Some of us had sampled this one before, while it was a first tasting for others. It is certainly a very spicy absinthe, with the most vigorous palate of all the absinthes we've tried here. The louche was very nice and finished up in a smooth, green color. Full of scents and tastes, including an almost cinnamon-like "sting" to the tongue, Montmartre should prove to be a long time favorite here at InAbsinthia. It's unique spicy character will be too much for some, though.

Next we went with the Eichelberger. Perhaps because it followed the Montmartre, the "Ike" seemed a little quiet, not really showing much to either the nose or the tongue. Louching was nice, although in keeping with its quiet nature, the color was a bit faded. Nice on the tongue, but a little weak tasting. Not a very special absinthe, but a very nice one nonetheless.

And we finished the evening with La Ptite, the first genuine Swiss La Bleu poured here. We have had the Blanchette, which is a Jade blanche. Both of these clear absinthes have a very strong anise (licorice) flavor to them, but the La Ptite tasted much more sophisticated than the Blanchette. A truly beautiful louche ended in a very pretty, opal, milky glassful. In the mouth, the "milky" comparison continued, with a creamy, almost oily (in a good way) feel. A very thick tasting absinthe, one with real body and character. A truly special absinthe, and one that will drive us to continue our Swiss La Bleu explorations!

All in all, a very successful tasting. Each of the three brought something special to the tongue, with the Montmartre standing out for its spiciness and the La Ptite bring us Swiss La Bleu excellence. The Eichelberger has its own niche, as a very good "value" absinthe with a pleasant taste.

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