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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/20/10
Absinthe Fountain

A rather lukewarm defense of absinthe, desribing its arc as it went meteorically from illegal to faddish to "out". What, with comments like " I’m not a huge fan of the spirit by itself, or in the preparation of dripping water over the sugar cube", it's hardly something we like to read here at In Absinthia. But it is a nice synopsis of absinthe in the popular culture of now. He recommends it in cocktails, which we often eschew.

Of course, we do like absinthe's "bitter-licorice-anise-fennel flavor profile", even if, again, we don't find it a particularly accurate description. We think overlooked is the complexity of absinthe's taste and the wide, almost limitless, variety of mixtures, bringing the exploration of absinthe more in the realm of wine tastings than any other liquor. So in a way, we are looking forward to absinthe moving past the "fad" stage and just to where people can enjoy it without trying to look hip.

Washington Post - Spirits: In defense of absinthe

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Posted by Jonathan
on 03/17/10
The Absinthe Drinker

One of Pablo Picasso's most famous paintings, "Portrait of Angel Fernandez de Soto (The Absinthe Drinker)," will be offered up for auction by Christie's in June, with a starting bid of US$40-$60 million. It features de Soto sitting before his absinthe glass, and was painted by Picasso in 1903 during his "blue period". The painting is owned by Andrew Lloyd Weber and the proceeds will go to his charitable organization. The early guessing is that it will approach or even exceed the previous art auction top bid of $104.3 million for a Giacometti sculpture. Sure would look good hanging up in Chez InAbsinthia's massive art gallery. Maybe we should add a Donate button?

Christie's puts record price tag on "key" Picasso

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