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Absinthe Cocktails Book
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Posted by Jonathan
on 02/28/08

From ejellest over on the Wormwood Forums comes a recipe for an absinthe cocktail:

Gangadine Cocktail
1 Teaspoonful Framboise Syrup. (raspberry syrup)
1/3 Oxygenie Cusenier. (3/4 oz Absinthe)
1/3 White Mint. (3/4 oz Creme de Menthe)
1/3 Gin. (3/4 oz traditional Dry Gin, say Beefeater's or similar)

We tried it last night and found it interesting. We're not too big on absinthe cocktails, finding it a bit of a waste of good absinthe. It was an adaptation of an older absinthe cocktail which called for "Oxygenie Cusenier" absinthe and the thinking was that, due to the colors of the other ingredients, a Swiss bleu would be desired. So we used the Kubler in it.

The creme de menthe was a little overpowering, but some of us could taste the hints of the absinthe. Perhaps if we used a little less creme de menthe and a stronger bleu, more tastes would come out. But worth a try, we think.

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