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Posted by Jonathan
on 08/23/06

A prototype absinthe, based upon the award-winning Duplais formula, has just become available on the Absinthe Distribution list. A "prototype" is another word for "experimental", where they let you try out some of the early batches of a new kind of absinthe. And this one is only 120 proof!

Absinthvertrieb Lion - Absinth Import & Vertrieb - Absinthe Prototype 30

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Posted by Jonathan
on 08/18/06

Foreign Correspondent reporter Jane Hutcheon's story on absinthe is a resounding success.  Very well done, with a great discussion of making absinthe with Ted Breaux, who seems to be everywhere in the absinthe world these days.  We particularly loved the visit to the Combier Distillery, where Breaux works his magic on the Jade Liquors line, as well as the Combier Blanchette.  Be sure also to check out the informative PDF article by Ian Hutton, one of the owners of the Liqueurs de France site, a recommended vendor of absinthe.

Foreign Correspondent - 01/08/2006: France - The Green Fairy

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Posted by Jonathan
on 08/16/06

The ingredient that keeps absinthe off US shelves is dissected in a wonderful new article by Ari of the Wormwood Society. Thujone, claimed to have a similar structure to the hallucinogenic compound found in marijuana, is limited to 10mg in Europe and is why absinthe importation is not allowed by the FDA here in the US. Recent research has called into question the scientific basis for its exclusion, and this article does a good job of summarizing current thought.

The Wormwood Society ? The Shaky History of Thujone

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Posted by Jonathan
on 08/10/06

In a story about how easy it is for underage drinkers to buy alcohol via the Internet, absinthe is prominently featured, probably because it is the only way to buy it currently. Killer quotes get the mainstream media all worked up into a froth, including ones like "trippy hallucination" and "discreet... plain packaging". And damaging web sites like some purveyors of "Czech-zinthe" who brag about the Feds not "lobbing stun grenades" through your window. Ugh. We'll never get reasonable coverage and a legal glass of absinthe at this rate.

Who is minding the Internet liquor store? - Nightly News with Brian Williams -

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